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Canada Bear Hunting


We just offer an Amazing GUARANTEE



Youth Black Bear Hunting Guide Canada Black Bear hunting camp for women or ladies
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From our beginning,

Our kill rate success

well over 90%.

We don't show 100% kill every year
simply cause of our high number
of repeat hunters
looking to beat their own records.

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We certainly provide the best quality Canada bear hunts offered in the Quebec province,
and we can easily compare ourselves to most of the best Western bear hunting outfitters and bear hunting guides.

As owner & guide, I have the great interest in your satisfaction and success,
I am committed to making your Black Bear hunting trip in Quebec, Canada,
an unforgettable and successful one. I know that once you experience the care given
to our Canada bear hunts you will be sure to tell your hunting story.

Our black bear hunting area consistently produces large Quebec black bears. We will
do everything we can to put you on the trophy black bear of your dreams.
Our goal is to make your dreams reality.

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Big Bear Hunts outstanding black bear hunts are offer in
2 Provincial Wildlife Reserves, than we operate EXCLUSIVELY.

MASTIGOUCHE Wildlife RESERVE receive only 36 hunters in 1574 ˛ km.
To get an idea of our exclusive territory
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*** NEW in 2017 ***

LaVERENDRYE Wildlife Reserve area is 13,000˛km,
is allowing us EXCLUSIVALY access to 2500˛ km for only 24 hunters.
To see how huge this exclusive area is
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Map of Quebec Bear hunting Area

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Again, all the untouched QUEBEC Wilderness area we bear hunt is EXCLUSIVE to us.
NO ONE else has legal ACCESS to this most productive BEAR HUNTING area.

We conducted our bear hunts during the month of JUNE,
even though the black bear hunting season opens in May.
We open camps only when bears are very steady on bait sites
and ready for the rut.

After a month of baiting, prior to the hunt,
A VERY Limited number of bear hunters have that great opportunity
to access those restricted & controlled areas.

NOBODY is operating with the quality and control we provide for
our bear hunting clients. Checking and supplying bait on a regular basis.
Keeping baits active over 100 hunting sites. We have put on over 25,000 mi.
with our new trucks, than we lease just for the bear season to scout and
operate every years.

BEar hunting Quebes Canada, Bear hunting guide trucks

Contrary to some competitors that think giving bears a small ration only,
will keep them hungry to create competition. This thinking we found out is
not what works. That is why our budget for baiting is quite large.
Our constant care of bait stations provides our bear hunting clients to see
many large black bears during their hunt.

Each fall, a 40 foot container is refilled in excess of all sorts of bait supplies,
in each of our territories. Again we believe than offering as much food
as possible is the key to a successful bear hunt. Well over 50 tons is used every years
to attract dominant boars and get multiple bears on each site.

black bear bait Canada Canada black bear hunting bait bear hunting quebec
All our hunting clients are V.I.P. to us. We will do everything
than is legally & physically possible to harvest their trophy black bear.
Most of the hunters are dreaming of a trophy book animal,
even though all bears do not make into the book,
many still have chance to harvest the trophy beast.
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We give the chance to hunters to really be selective, each hunters get a 7 days hunt,
usually way enough time to see numerous bears,
overall it usually average take 3 or 4 days to be successful.

Bears over 300 pounds had been harvested every year,
some years on the 400 and up to over 500 hundreds on best years.
We're talking of real weight on the scale!

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Trail Cam Bears
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Notice than all bears are out during day light.
Promoting trophy bear hunts since our beginning,
has been very beneficial not only for our hunters and us but also to
Mastigouche Reserve. The reserve has seen its moose population more
than triple since we operated with quality and control in our program.

We take your bear hunt very seriously, and do the majority of the work
before the season even starts. Each fall after moose hunting we visit our
baits sites to retune it, change location nearby and have it ready for the
next spring season again.

We use trail cams, helping us to observe what type of BLACK BEAR are
frequenting a bait site. It saves time and helps us target the best bears for
our bear hunting clients. This also protects female and cubs as much as
possible. Click the link below to see our bears active during the day,
not nocturnal!

Fresh and virgin baits are offer to every ones, even up to the last hunters.

Before your trip home we ensure you have all the proper paperwork to
transport your bear out of Quebec legally, to make your border crossing
experience as smooth as possible as same as coming up, or if you decide to
deal with our taxidermist, he'll also take care of all Exportation papers once
jobs is done.

We are not typical outfitters, as most are fishing camps offering you a
chance to maybe see a bear during the week. We are just the opposite, we
are primary a BEAR HUNTING camp, Making sure than you'll have a life time
memory Bear hunt, then offering fishing access once the job is done.

We have no secrets, bear hunters are welcome to drive along the guides, While doing their daily routine, baiting, or just visiting baits.

We have a very limited number of bears to harvest, and we fill the camp
each year, without any outdoors show or expensive marketing campaigns.
Just simply No BULL SHIT. I do my best to delivery what I promises. It has
worked up to now, and I'll continue to put money to where my bear hunting
clients will get the best possible bear hunt Quebec has to offer.

Give me a call, or drop me an email,
I'll be more than happy to talk about BEAR hunting!


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